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In-context localization
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What is in-context localization?

It allows you to localize web content in place, with context and spatial limitations right in front of you.

Context icon

Understand context

By localizing web page on the page itself, you no longer need to worry if the word you are translating is a verb or noun.

Spatial limitations icon

See spatial limitations

Avoid breaking user interface by seeing how much space is available for your translations, which is especially useful with apps.

Preview icon

Get instant preview

The moment you submit translation, it replaces the original text in the web page, making you the first proofreader and tester.

How does it work?

In-context localization is a very simple and intuitive tool that requires little to no technical skill for localizers to use.

  • Hover

    over web content

    Move your mouse over headings, links, paragraphs or other text blocks on this page. A dashed rectangle will appear around each of these blocks, marking strings that are available for localization on the page itself.

  • Select

    a text block

    A toolbar appears above the dashed rectangle, allowing you to select the corresponding text block for editing. To do so, either click on the Edit button in the toolbar, or double-click anywhere inside the dashed border.

  • Translate

    selected text

    When you enter editing mode, the entire text block will be selected. You can start typing your translation immediately while seeing the exact context of your source string and how much space is available for your translation.

  • Save

    your translation

    As soon as you are happy with your translation, you can save it by pressing Enter or clicking the save icon in the toolbar. To quit translation mode without saving changes, press Esc or click the cancel icon in the toolbar.

  • That's it!